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What You Can Do to Create a More Peace-Filled World

This page will be updated regularly with your stories and ideas.  Please contact us to contribute.

The Fund for Peace Initiatives Philosophy behind the Action

“When the forms of the old are dying the new culture is created by a few people who are not afraid to be insecure”  – Rudolf Bahro

The quote above depicts the mindset and the reality for those few committed who dedicate their efforts towards creating a world without nuclear weapons. The odds against their work being successful are long as the norm of the crowd is to ignore, overlook, or to rationalize the existence of such danger as an “acceptable risk”. In this regard, peacebuilding is a multifaceted endeavor and it represents the highest ethics and compassion that humanity knows. It must be cultivated, nourished and supported, or else mankind allows itself act in less noble behaviors not worthy of any religion, culture or individual. Our world’s future is dependent a new emerging culture, one that sets peacebuilding as its highest priority.

In Your Family
Practice these four principles of peace in the family
Community: Communicate with love, to serve the larger purpose of the relationship.
Cooperation: Develop family rituals and norms for peaceful resolution of conflicts.
Nonviolence: Practice empathy
Witness: Remember the basic goodness in everyone.

Within Your Community
Start where you are.  Dialogue to understand.   Seek common ground and consensus.  Address needs and interests rather than positions. Build bridges and alliances.  Refuse to support an adversarial approach. Empower the children. Commit to raising peacekeepers. Set the examples.  Encourage safe expression of feelings. Celebrate the differences. Go beyond stereotypes and prejudices. Practice cross-cultural communication.  Engage in honest conversation.  See yourself in the other. Empower the powerless. Be a voice for the voiceless. Work with others for structural change.

In the Business World
Put your values to work. Turn power struggles into power surges. Honor diversity at work.  Enjoy teamwork. Create a nourishing organizational culture. Practice shared responsibility.  Have a process for conflict resolution. See work as service. Be socially responsible at work.

In the World
Inform yourself.  Become a human rights advocate.  Practice nonviolent communication. Encourage nonviolent solutions to conflicts. Promote nonviolence in the media.  Celebrate the heroes and heroines of nonviolence. Take an interest in world affairs. Adopt one place in the world as your special concern. Let your heart break with the suffering. Support organizations doing international peace work. Become involved with refugees in your town.  Engage in nonviolent action for a cause you believe in.

These ideas were taken from Louise Diamond’s Book, The Peace Book, 108 Ways to Create a More Peaceful World. Visit The Peace Project to find out more.